Surety & Bail Bond Recovery Agent

Prerequisite: Current Act 235 Certification

Class Duration: 20 hrs

Certificate Awarded: Yes

Wallet ID Card Awarded: Yes

Cost: $250

Next Class: June 22 & 23 / 2019 RESERVE SEAT

The bounty hunter was given broad authority starting in 1873 with the U.S. Supreme Court case, Taylor v. Taintor. The case gave bounty hunters the authority to act as agents of bail bondsmen. Bounty hunters on the trail of a bail jumper could "pursue him into another state" and, if necessary, "break and enter his house for that purpose." Today, states have their own restrictions when it comes to bounty hunting, but most states give bounty hunters the freedom to pursue and arrest bail jumpers within and across their borders.

Class Covers:

  • History of Bounty Hunting and Fugitive Recovery

  • Practical exercises

  • Investigative tools & techniques

  • Locating missing persons / jumpers

  • Legal considerations & More!